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A Message from Evelyn Glennie

The organisations whose information you have here represent an enormous range of amateur talent across many forms of music and theatre – choirs large and small, pantomime, musical theatre, ‘straight’ theatre, opera, orchestras, chamber groups, with members ranging in age from primary school to retirement. Their work is adventurous, but also familiar, in whatever area of performance they specialise.

The characteristics which they all have in common are the enthusiasm with which they rehearse, create and perform, and the aspirations they bring. Whether you are a performer in the making, or have even just a passing interest in live events, these organisations have something vital and exciting to offer you.

One of the most obvious signs of a lively, interesting community is the number and range of its amateur performing organisations. So it is even more exciting for TAPA at a time when the town of Taunton is about to embark on the single biggest programme of regeneration it has known in its 1100 year history.

By the time the project is complete, Taunton will have new housing, new offices and new transport networks. But, more significantly, it will also have a revitalised cultural environment, where performance and exhibition of all kinds of art, for all kinds of tastes, will have a range of facilities and support which will establish Taunton as a cultural centre for the West for generations to come.

It’s a brave Vision whose time has come, and I am pleased to be able to add my support to TAPA for its role in these exciting developments.

Evelyn Glennie (International Percussionist)